Under the Patronage of the Italian Civil Aviation Authority

EAS 2022 is the only trade show with conference in Italy organized in an airfield – with live demonstrations – dedicated to electric flights, electric planes and aircrafts, eVTOLs, drones, hybrid-electric planes, and the related industry and supply chain.

In the prestigious setting of Bresso City Airport, Milan, Italy, under the Patronage of ENAC-the Italian Civil Aviation Authority, and in collaboration with Aero Club Milano, for the first time in Italy, companies, operators and all professionals interested in networking with the sector will have an unprecedented opportunity to get to know the latest solutions and the most innovative technologies.

Bresso City Airport, is home to the Aero Club Milano, one of the oldest aero clubs in Italy. Heritage of aeronautics and aviation myth, it is a symbol of the epic of the flight of Milan and Lombardy.

What about air transport?
While benefiting from smaller airports, electric planes could also improve the efficiency of some larger captive airports.

Electric planes could also help air travel. Volumes of international air transport have increased by 80% over the past 20 years. Electric aircrafts offer the opportunity to efficiently transport high-value products to major regional transport hubs, as well as directly to consumers via VTOL vehicles or drones.

If properly planned, electric aviation could complement existing freight services, including road, sea and air services. This would reduce the overall cost of transporting high value goods.

Plan your next break now
Electric aircrafts could significantly disrupt short-haul aviation within the next decade. How quickly will this technology affect conventional infrastructure? It’s hard to tell given the many unknown factors. Uncertainties include phasing-out technologies, such as solid-state batteries, which could radically accelerate the absorption and capacities of electric aircrafts.
These challenges highlight the need to start taking disruptive technology into account in infrastructure planning. Where we see billions of dollars/euros invested in technological transformation, we have to assume that it is disrupting itself.

EAS 2023 – whose admission is free and reserved for operators – represents an unprecedented opportunity to learn about the latest technologies that reduce production costs and guarantee efficiency and optimal performance of Hibrid / Electric Vehicles applications.

EAS 2023 will represent – with an innovative and specific vision of the sector – the themes, contents and excellence of a leading market both nationally and internationally.

For the first time, all suppliers of the sector will be able to meet and discuss with their customers, potential buyers and collaborators in a single business event specifically dedicated, with targeted meetings, thanks to an effective formula, of the highest technological content, which guarantees a high return on investment.

EAS 2023, where thousands of specialized operators are expected, represents a unique, great business opportunity to develop into new markets, of social networking and professional updating for all participants.

EAS 2023 is therefore the event that finally brings together in Italy all the major players in the sector to share increasingly disruptive and  innovative technologies!

Under the Patronage of the Italian Civil Aviation Authority
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